Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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This isn't a scam, it's a free site that I trust and a community I enjoy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Past but not forgotten- 1/29/06

It was a lazy evening where we ordered food in, greek style, and watched an episode or two of Dead Like Me on DVD, our favourite fluff TV. Afterwards we got all dressed up and realized we were a bit too late to be driving to the burlesque show we had intended on going to. I sat there wearing fishnet stockings, my tight curve-hugging jean skirt, my sexy fluevogs, and a new red chinese shirt. My hair was up in ponytails and I had bright red lipstick on. It was a fun and playful look. We had an hour to kill before we left for the after party in Bellingham, so we watched some hot porn on the computer. Both of the guys became amorous and I wondered if we would even make it there.

But by 10:30ish we meandered our way through the back yard and jumped in the van to go to Bellingham.

When we arrived J's place looked really nice. Soon after the rest of the crowd came in, post-burlesque, to set up the birthday celebrations. Part of the birthday boi's present was a human plate covered in dessert. It was a very pretty plate, all decked out in garters and sexy underwear that reminded me of peacocks. She was laid on a coffee table in the livingroom and adorned with icing, whipped cream, chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, napoleans, and likely something else I've forgotten. The birthday boi went first, feasting on her, and then others dived in. I was a bit shy, but managed to grab a napolean off of her chest- no small feat!

As we were feasting, some people nibbled and sucked on her nipples, or her lips. Some went between her thighs. She moaned and squirmed in a delightful way. We ran out of whipped cream on her body, so I took the can and sprayed hearts and spirals on her to refresh the plate. She was there for a couple of hours. So very brave.

Then there was some debate about the birthday spanking. I said that it's tradition that the birthday boi gets to decided to give them, get them, or designate them. The birthday boi said she had ever heard of that but really liked it. One girl who was there is one of the sexy burlesque performers and she was particularily vocal about never hearing of this. I quipped back that up in Canada we are more progressive and have things like gay and lesbian marriage. Ironically she ended up getting the first spanking once the boi decided she was gonna have it her way. There was a spanking show put on in which people were spanked by the boi's partner for the boi's viewing pleasure. Four people were picked and I was one of them.

I shyly removed my skirt and buried my head in the pillows amidst lots of compliments on my clothing. I do believe

J said she would do just about anything for Fluevogs....hehehe. Then the smacks began. I had a cane used on me. Yowch. I squealed a bit I think. People often comment on my noises but I have NO clue what I sound like. It makes me feel self-conscious, but usually after the fact as I am lost in the sensations at the time. I won't reveal the people who spanked me, but my ass was RED. I had the whole outline of a handprint for a little while. At one point someone was punching my ass in the sweet spot, which for me is highly sensual. I thought if she kept it up I might just cum.

After being the spankee, I got to be a spanker. I got to whack a cute boi's ass HARD because she apparently had a tough ass and could take it. I actually broke blood vessels in my hand, which the birthday boi thought was sexy.

There was much flirting and kissing of sexy women. I had a fabulous time. We drove home in the wee hours of the morning and I was horny as hell, but insisted we sleep. No less than about 5 hours later and I woke from a sound sleep to R touching my body sexually. P woke up damn quickly and followed suit. There were hands on my throat, fingers twisting my nipples, fists tugging my ponytails. Suddenly a cock was thrust in my mouth and my face was fucked hard. It was all I could do to keep from gagging. It turned me on to be a sleepy girl woken up this way. Soon fingers were in my ass, and others in my pussy. Eventually a hot mouth was put on my cunt. Before long the cock I was sucking exploded in my mouth and cum pumped out and down my throat as his gasps and moans turned me on even more. The licking of my clit was getting intense and then someone was playing with my nipples also. I was filled up with fingers, being licked and my nipples played with. Hot damn, I started to cum.

Bucking my hips, and I came close to coming. Before I knew it, a hard cock was slamming into my sensitive hole. My guys love doing this to me, make me so sensitive I can barely breathe as they fuck me. Then back to licking me. Back and forth, back and forth that way until I scream out in orgasm. Then that hot cock strokes against that sensitive clit, and he comes hard on my mons, covering me in his cum.


Now they have made me coffee and breakfast and we are back to bed to watch a movie about schoolgirls. Guess what we'll be up to later?

Opening Post

This should be termed the first post or "the beginning" but really it is far from the beginning. More accurately this is more like the middle of my sexual life. I plan to post things from way back from another blog. Sometimes it will be to compare the past ideas to the present and sometimes it will be for posterity. I also plan on writing about my continuing sexual experimentation and adventures.

As someone who has always been a sexual adventurer, a person of passion and playfulness you can expect some very interesting stories indeed. Some true and some fiction. Can you guess which is which?